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The bartending agency Flair Company have been participating in many prestige trade fairs and bartending performances since the company's foundation. They are present in media, give interviews and incessantly promote bartending in its broadest sense. Undoubtedly, the face of the crew is Adam Slowik - its co-founder, the participant of many entertainment programmes, the organiser of bartender trainings and the co-organiser of prestige Bar Fighters competitions.

  • In 2012, he participated in 'Dzień dobry TVN'. .
  • In 2013 , he organised the first bartender contest Bar Fighters 2013 Grand Open in Kula Bowling Club, Rzeszow.
  • In 2014, the 2nd Edition of Bar Fighters 2014 Championship took place in Bristol Hotel, Rzeszow, with the best flairfighters from all over the world.
  • In 2016, he successfully co-organised the 3rd Edition of World Championship Bar Fighters in LUKR Club.
  • In 2016, Adam Slowik became a participant in 'Jak to się stało' on TVN TURBO — with Filip Chajzer.
  • In 2017, he participated in 'Apetyt na miłość' on TVN STYLE.
  • In 2017, he participated in 'Mam Talent' on TVN.

Up to now, the Flair Company crew are present at fairs, promotional actions and make every special event, banquet or wedding exceptional. So far, they have performed hundreds of shows and prepared thousands of drinks at the variety of special events.

Our clients' satisfaction makes us feel convinced that constant development and new ideas pay back.

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Mam talent
Participation in "Mam talent"

In 2017, Adam Slowik took part in the TVN's popular show 'Mam talent' where he got three yeses from the jury!

TVN Style
'Apetyt na miłość' TVN Style

In 2017, Adam Slowik took part in a popular TVN Style programme 'Apetyt na miłość', a culinary programme where participants try to win over the heart of a single through the stomach preparing not only original but, above all, delicious dishes.

Participation in DD TVN

In 2012, Adam Slowik participated in the TVN's popular breakfast programme 'Dzień dobry TVN' which is broadcast from Monday to Sunday in the morning. Its core constitute conversations with invited guests.

TVN Turbo
"Jak to się stało?" TVN Turbo

In 2016, Adam Slowik was a participant in TVN TURBO's "Jak to się stało' with Filip Chajzer.

Flair Company as the organiser of bartending championships
Bar Fighters
between 2013 – 2016